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My life is all about staying younger and healthier for longer. Everything I do as a lifecoach comes from inner confidence and self belief. As an ex shopaholic and designer label addict I now get my fix by being able to design perfect clothes from years of trying out the best.
I never thought I would say this, the one staple piece I could not live without is the Perfect Black Legging. Having said that I never did find such a legging until one day I picked up a French designer pair in a charity shop that fit me like a glove, looked incredible, felt expensive, no see through and dense.
I wore them to death and loved them so much I spent a few years getting a similar pair reproduced and called it the PBL.
The perfect black legging is one piece in the Venus Cow lifestyle collection of amazing staples, those things we cannot live without, designed for you to build the perfect, most glamourous and chic, staple wardrobe, my wardrobe. My mission is to get everyone feeling amazing from the inside in order to look fabulous on the outside.
I am going to share my tips, my knowledge and wise counsel over the coming months as I unveil the collection.
Join, think, learn, shop and be happy.

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The Venus Cow PBL, perfect black leggings is now available exclusively in selected boutiques around the world.

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Testimonials / What our clients say

PBL Leggings
I must confess I was a little sceptical of all the hype surrounding this product. I bought a pair out of curiosity and now every time I reach for my jeans your leggings go on instead.


Just to let you know that the leggings have arrived and they are fabulous-thanks

Jo Stone

pbl lbd lbt and book
Dear Venus Cow, Your Leggings make my legs look better than they have ever looked.My legs have been the bain of my life since I was 15-and they have been stuffed in trousers for many year,in fact up till now!They are magic.They really are. So much so I have bought four pairs of the magic black leggings.I can fly!!

june white

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