Free Life Coaching


Being happy is not always possible when your life, the life you have chosen, is consumed by misery, failure and lack of self-worth, three huge obstacles of no use when your goal is a life you believe you can only dream of.

Day dreaming about winning the lottery or losing weight without having to give anything up, then justifying to yourself all the reasons why you will never win the lottery or never be thinner, keeps you stuck in a rotating never ending cycle of failure.   

If your job is your enemy and you find yourself tied to your desk with nothing but a headache and depression, combatted with unhealthy "stress relievers", like smoking, snacking and constant caffeine breaks,  it is time to recognise these negative choices are what are holding you back.

If your whole life is consumed with day dreaming about your love life or lack of it and your bottom drawer is fuller than your little black book, it is time to recognise you must know how to love yourself first in order to love someone else.

If you think you drink to help make you feel better or you drink to forget to think, think again. The secret is to forget to drink. Alcohol, drugs and pills are all downers that keep you stuck in a cycle of self medication, regardless of the degree.

If you are young and you think your life is over before it has begun because you listened to others, it is time to recognise you are the master of your own destiny. If you are old and you think your life is over, it is time to recognise it is never too late.

The secret to becoming the person you day dream about or getting the life you desire, is understanding to become good at anything, we all have to do the work and practice. This free life coaching, personal development program is all about you working on yourself by keeping track of your thoughts and actions in a journal. Only by doing this, you are able to see, when and why your actions don’t mirror image your thinking.

Life is a journey and not a destination so stop being stuck in a rut waiting for someone else to sort you out. Instead get moving again by deciding to get inside your head and discover what you are really made of.

Go to How To Start and then if it makes sense, sign up for My Journal. Once you have an on line journal set up visit My Life and begin to tackle the bad habits and negative behaviour that are keeping you stuck in misery. You can also benefit from individual free life coaching tutorials, there to help you understand more about habits, addictions and why you are stuck in a rut. Anything is possible when you let go and face your fears, weaknesses, lies, demons, patterns and self and by doing this provides you the key to unlock everything you truly desire.

To get started watch Introduction to Free Life Coaching Video then decide which area of your life you want to focus on first and click here to visit How To Start